Dog Walking Service Port Chester NY

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a successful dog walking business? Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service in Port Chester, NY, is one of the leading pet care providers in the area and has been providing quality services since 2010. Amazingly, they have over 1,000 clients that rely on their services every year!

I’m sure if you’re like me, your pup’s tail starts thumping when they see their favorite walker. With a team of experienced professionals who understand each pooch’s individual needs and personalities, everyone at Thumping Tails works hard to make sure each four-legged friend gets the love and attention they deserve.

Whether your furry family member needs regular daily walks or occasional visits while you are away from home, Thumping Tails will ensure that all their needs are met with compassion and respect. Read on to find out more about this amazing service and how it can provide peace of mind for any pet owner.

Overview Of Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service

We all love our four-legged friends and want the best for them. That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service in Port Chester, NY! Whether your pup needs a little extra exercise or just some companionship during their day, this service provides it all.

You can trust that your dog will be taken care of with the utmost respect and kindness when using Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service. Their team is highly trained and certified in canine behavior, providing a safe environment for your pooch while they’re out on walks. Plus, they’ve got an impressive knowledge base of pet first aid and CPR training just in case any emergency situations arise.

Your pup will have fun exploring new places while being supervised by professionals who truly understand dogs’ needs. So let these pros take good care of your furry friend – you’ll both be glad you did! And now that we know what a great service Thumping Tails is, let’s talk about the benefits of using them…

Benefits Of Using Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service

It’s a common belief that having someone to walk your dog is a luxury. After all, who has the time these days? But with Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service in Port Chester NY, we can see how this isn’t true at all. Let’s explore the benefits of using their service and why it makes sense for any pet owner.

For starters, when you hire Thumping Tails to take care of your pup while you’re away or busy, they’ll be sure to give them lots of exercise and attention. That way, your furry friend will stay healthy and happy–and so will you! Plus, since there are professional trainers on staff as part of the team, any behavioral issues can be addressed right away. It’s also comforting knowing that if anything were to happen during the walks, Thumping Tail has high-quality insurance coverage in place to cover any accidents that may occur.

But perhaps one of the best things about hiring Thumping Tails is the peace of mind it provides pet owners like us. We don’t have to worry about our four-legged friends being home alone while we’re out running errands or at work. Instead, they get taken out for regular walks and playtime by experienced professionals who genuinely love animals. And what could be better than that?

So if you’re looking for reliable dog walking services near Port Chester NY, then look no further than Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service–it might just be exactly what both you and your beloved pup need! With its quality care and great customer service, it’s easy to see why people choose them over other pet care providers in the area. Offering everything from basic daily visits to more specialized needs such as overnight stays or medical treatments for sick pets, they’ve got something for everyone—and every pup too!

Pricing For Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service

When it comes to finding a reliable and affordable dog walking service, you want to know the pricing for Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service in Port Chester NY. They understand that budgeting is important, which is why they provide an easy-to-understand fee structure with no hidden costs or fees. So, let’s take a look at what their services cost!

First off, if you’re looking to have your pup walked once per week on a regular basis, then you’ll be happy to hear that Thumping Tails offers discounted rates for customers signing up for weekly walks. This means more savings for you while still providing superior care and attention for your furry friend. Plus, all of their regular walkers are experienced professionals who will ensure your pet gets plenty of exercise, love, and affection each time they go out on their walk.

They also offer one-time visits as well as occasional drop-ins whenever needed – these are great options if you just need someone to check in on Fido during the day or watch them for short periods of time while you run errands or attend events. All of these services come with individualized prices based on your particular needs so please don’t hesitate to contact them for more information about specific prices.

No matter what type of service you choose from Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service, rest assured knowing that your beloved pup will be receiving top notch care every step of the way. With flexible pricing and experienced staff members dedicated to giving your fur baby everything they could possibly need, there’s really no better choice than Thumping Tails! Now let’s move onto the reasons why choosing their services makes perfect sense…

Reasons To Choose Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service

If you’re looking for a responsible, friendly dog walking service in Port Chester NY, Thumping Tails might be the perfect fit. Here are 4 reasons why you should choose them:

  1. They provide high-quality care and attention to your furry friend – by giving every pooch lots of love and belly rubs! Their experienced team is trained in providing safe walks that will keep your pet engaged and entertained.
  2. They understand how busy life can get, so they’ve made it easy for you to book their dog walking services with flexible scheduling options. Plus, you get to enjoy discounts if you sign up for multiple walks per week or month.
  3. With Thumping Tails, safety always comes first. All of their walkers have been background checked and wear GPS trackers during their visits so that their exact location is known at all times. The team also carries water bowls and treats as an added bonus!
  4. Finally, not only do they take great pride in delivering top-notch pet care services but they genuinely enjoy getting to know each pup’s unique personality too! Every pet parent knows there really is no bond quite like the one between humans and animals.

At Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service, the goal is to ensure your four-legged friends feel safe, happy, and healthy while out on their adventures. Now that you know more about what makes them special let’s look into reviews of their services from other satisfied customers in Port Chester NY…

Reviews Of Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service In Port Chester Ny

As if I were living in the 18th century, it’s time to get my pup out for a walk! Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service in Port Chester NY is the perfect solution. From their 4-star reviews on Yelp and Google, this dog walking service has earned its paws up approval. Let me tell you why they’re so paw-some.

To begin with, the company offers custom-tailored services that are sure to meet your pup’s individual needs. No matter your budget or schedule constraints, there’s something here for every pet parent and pooch. And when it comes to trustworthiness, they definitely have got you covered – all of their staff members are certified professionals who know how to properly care for dogs during walks and playtime.

Plus, they understand how important safety is while taking our four-legged friends out for a stroll. That’s why each of their experienced employees carries personal insurance coverage as well as an identification card that can easily be checked by local authorities if needed. Not only will these measures keep your furry pal safe but also provide peace of mind knowing that nothing unexpected could happen during his outdoor adventures.

At Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service, they don’t just get quality services – they also gain access to personalized post-walk reports from their professional team members after each session so clients can see exactly how much exercise their canine companions received and other relevant details about their activity levels throughout the day. So what more could a pup parent want? With 5-star ratings across the board and unsurpassed customer service, go ahead – give them a try today!


Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service in Port Chester NY offers an exceptional service for local pet owners. They provide a reliable, professional and trustworthy way to keep your pup healthy, happy and exercised during the day. With their competitive rates and friendly staff, it’s easy to see why more people are choosing Thumping Tails as their go-to dog walking service.

The reviews from customers of Thumping Tails speak volumes about how much they care for each individual canine client. The team at Thumping Tails treat every pup like family, providing them with plenty of love and attention while out on walks – just like you would if you were there! It’s almost as if each walk is a journey into a magical land full of adventure and exploration – just like when we were kids! Choosing Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service is a decision that will bring peace of mind knowing that your beloved four-legged friend is being cared for by someone who truly understands the importance of quality time spent outdoors. So don’t hesitate any longer; come join the thumpers today and give your pup the gift of exercise and fun!