Dog Walking Service New Rochelle Ny

Are you looking for the perfect dog walking service in New Rochelle NY? Look no further than Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service! This company provides top-notch care and attention to all their four-legged customers. They treat each pup like they’re part of the family, ensuring that every walk is a special experience filled with fun and adventure. With experienced staff members who are passionate about animals and safety, it’s easy to see why this business has become so popular among pet owners in the area.

I recently had first-hand experience with Thumping Tails when I took my own pooch out for a stroll one day. The minute we arrived at their facility, I was impressed by how friendly and knowledgeable the staff were – not to mention eager to take my furry friend on an exciting journey through town. From there, things only got better as we made our way around New Rochelle; my pup seemed thrilled to explore his surroundings under the loving guidance of these animal experts.

If you’re searching for a reliable source of quality dog walking services in your local community, then look no further than Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service in New Rochelle NY. Their commitment to providing outstanding customer service combined with their passion for caring for animals make them truly stand out from other providers in the area. Read on to learn more about what makes Thumping Tails such a great choice for managing your pup’s daily walks!

Overview Of Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service

Do you ever wonder why dog walking services are so popular? Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service in New Rochelle, NY is one of the top-rated companies that offer quality care to pet owners. Let’s look at what makes this business stand out and how it can benefit both dogs and their owners.

The focus of the company is on providing a safe and enjoyable experience for pets while they spend time outside with an experienced walker. This includes making sure each animal has plenty of exercise, fresh air, and socialization opportunities. Additionally, all walks take place in designated areas which are free from traffic or other hazards that could put your pup in danger. The team also offers personalized attention to every customer’s individual needs, whether it be extra playtime or just belly rubs!

Thumping Tails also provides peace of mind for owners who have busy schedules or need some help caring for their furry family member when away from home. With detailed tracking updates sent via email after each outing and safety protocols such as always having two people per group during outings, customers can rest assured knowing their beloved pooch is safe and happy with their services. All this combined creates an environment where pet parents can feel secure about leaving their pups in good hands no matter where life takes them.

This comprehensive approach to doggy daycare sets Thumping Tails apart from competitors. However, these benefits only scratch the surface when it comes to understanding the value they provide to pet owners in New Rochelle, NY.

Benefits Of Dog Walking Services In New Rochelle

It seems like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Dog walking services in a city as seemingly small and safe as New Rochelle. But believe me when I say you’d be surprised at the many benefits that come with hiring a professional dog walker.

For starters, these experts know exactly how to keep your furry friend healthy and happy both mentally and physically. A good canine exercise routine is essential for any pup’s health – especially those living in urban environments where they may not have access to enough open space to get their daily dose of activity. Plus, by having someone else look after their needs while you’re away or busy, you don’t have to worry about leaving them alone all day long!

And of course, there are plenty of socialization opportunities too! By spending time with other pups during walks (and maybe even doggy play dates!), your pup will develop important skills such as self-confidence, problem solving abilities and better communication habits that can help make him become well rounded and balanced overall. With so much potential for growth here, it’s no wonder why more pet owners are turning towards the convenience of professional dog walking services in New Rochelle.

The bottom line? Whether you’re looking for some extra peace of mind or just want your beloved pooch to stay active and engaged throughout the day – investing in a reputable dog walking service is always worth considering! Now let’s take a closer look at what makes professional dog walkers different from amateur ones serving New Rochelle…

Professional Dog Walkers In New Rochelle

“Oh, my goodness, dog walking services are life-savers!” is the typical response from their customers. If you live in New Rochelle, chances are you have heard about the amazing Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service. They staff professional and reliable dog walkers who can make sure your pup is taken care of while you’re away from home. Let’s dive deeper into what this incredible service has to offer!

Do not worry if you’re having a rough day and unable to take your pup on a nice long stroll – that’s why the team at Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service is here for you. With years of experience caring for pets, their professional dog walkers provide top-notch service with utmost attention and love for your pet. Not only do they take them out for walks but also ensure they get all the exercise they need throughout the day.

The best part? The Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service will even come to your doorstep so there’s no hassle involved. Their friendly staff makes sure that each visit ends with a big waggy tail as well as peace of mind knowing Fido was in safe hands all along!

Whether it’s daily or occasional visits, Thumping Tails offers comprehensive canine care packages tailored to meet every owner’s needs. So don’t wait any longer – give yourself some much-needed and deserved respite by allowing these experienced professionals to handle your furry friend’s routine activities today!

What To Expect From Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service

Taking your dog for a walk can be like taking a child out to play in the park. You want them to have fun and get some exercise, but you also need to keep an eye on them so they don’t wander off or get into trouble. That’s where Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service comes in!

They provide professional and experienced dog walkers who understand how important it is that your pet gets quality time outdoors while staying safe and secure. So what should you expect from them? Let’s take a look.

First of all, they’ll make sure your pup is healthy and ready for their adventure by providing regular health checks as well as any vaccinations needed. Their team of skilled professionals will plan routes based on your pooch’s needs, interests, and energy levels; plus, they know exactly when to turn around if necessary so no one ends up lost or exhausted! Thumping Tails guarantee walks tailored specifically for each individual pet too – just let their staff know ahead of time about any special requirements your dog may have.

I’ve seen them treat every four-legged friend with respect, love, and kindness at all times – ensuring everyone has a great experience during every outing! From going above and beyond to ensure safety protocols are met to making sure there are plenty of stops along the way for water breaks and potty runs – Thumping Tails takes care of everything so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Pricing For Dog Walking Services In New Rochelle

One of life’s most cherished activities is taking a stroll with one’s beloved pet. Whether it’s in the park or around your neighborhood, walking your dog can be among some of the happiest moments you share together. And for those who don’t have enough time to do so, there’s Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service in New Rochelle!

The team at Thumping Tails understands that sometimes our busy lives prevent us from properly caring for our furry friends. That’s why they offer their reliable and friendly services which provide dogs with lots of love and attention while out on walks. To ensure everyone’s safety, all walks are carefully supervised by experienced professionals who aim to make each experience rewarding and enjoyable. Plus, they always keep an eye out for any potential hazards along the way such as aggressive strangers or animals.

When it comes to pricing, Thumping Tails offers competitive rates depending on your location within New Rochelle and how often you would like them to walk your pup. They also provide discounts for multiple visits per day or if more than one person is using their service at once. No matter what package you choose, you can rest assured knowing that your canine companion will receive top-notch care from experienced professionals.

So whether you’re looking for someone to take Fido for a jog during lunchtime or give him extra playtime when working late hours – look no further than Thumping Tail Dog Walking Service in New Rochelle!


It’s amazing what a few moments of fresh air and exercise can do for both you and your pup! With Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service, you don’t have to worry about coming home after a long day at work or school to take Fido out. Instead, their professional dog walkers will be there to give him the attention he deserves.

Thumping Tails team believes that spending quality time with our furry friends should be affordable. That’s why they offer competitive rates on all services so everyone can enjoy their four-legged companionship without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re looking for an afternoon stroll around town or just regular walks throughout the week, let us help make life easier (and more enjoyable) by taking care of your canine companion – no matter how big or small they may be! At Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service in New Rochelle, NY, they’ll give your pup the thumpin’ tail waggin’ experience your pooch deserves!