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Welcome, Stamford residents, to a world of wagging tails and happy trails! Stamford is a city that exudes a unique atmosphere, blending urban vibrancy with the peaceful charm of a suburban oasis. Nestled along Connecticut’s picturesque coastline, Stamford offers a captivating mix of modernity and natural beauty that appeal to residents and visitors alike.

We are here to help the busy professional and the pet-loving parent who finds it challenging to give your furry friends the exercise and attention they deserve.

Now you might be thinking what makes Thumping Tails different from other pet care services. Here are a few things: our services our tailored to your dog’s individual needs, with 24 hours’ notice we guarantee service, we NEVER cancel, and lastly like people, exercise is good for your dog’s mental health and overall well-beings. And, hey if you don’t have a dog, but you have cats, birds, or hamsters, we can help with that too. Just call 914-508-0985 to schedule a meet and greet and we promise we will always have your back!