If you are a pet owner residing in Stamford, Thumping Tails offers tailored dog walks to ensure your pet gets the right amount of exercise, from a quick 15-minute stroll for older dogs up to one-hour long adventure for energetic puppies.

Our pet care services extend beyond dog walking. For Thumping Tails members, we offer cozy boarding options for dogs who enjoy sleepovers. We also provide exceptional cat care, ensuring your feline friends receive the attention and love they need. And don’t worry, we also cater to birds, hamsters, and other small pets.

What makes Thumping Tails unique is our team of dedicated animal lovers who treat your pets like family. We are passionate about providing top-tier care and take immense pride in making sure every pet feels loved and cared for.


Thumping Tails Services Offered in Stamford

Welcome, Stamford residents, to a world of wagging tails and happy trails! Stamford is a city that exudes a unique atmosphere, blending urban vibrancy with the peaceful charm of a suburban oasis. Nestled along Connecticut’s picturesque coastline, Stamford offers a captivating mix of modernity and natural beauty that appeal to residents and visitors alike.

We are here to help the busy professional and the pet-loving parent who finds it challenging to give your furry friends the exercise and attention they deserve.