Dog Walking Service Purchase NY

They say that a dog is man’s best friend and there may be some truth to that theory. Imagine having the opportunity to spend quality time with your canine companion, while providing them with essential exercise, companionship and mental stimulation. Welcome to Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service in Purchase, NY — where furry friends come first!

At Thumping Tails we strive to provide high-quality care for our pup clients. Our certified staff are passionate about animals and have years of experience when it comes to caring for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Each walker takes great pride in their work and provides personalized attention depending on each pet’s individual needs. Whether you need help with regular daily walks or occasional weekend jaunts, our team will make sure your pup gets the love they deserve.

But we don’t just offer walking services; at Thumping Tails we like to go above and beyond for our clients. We also offer additional services including playtime visits, potty breaks, feeding assistance and much more – all designed to ensure both you and your pup get the most out of every visit. So why not give us a try? You won’t regret it!

Overview Of Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service

Welcome to Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service! Our reliable, affordable, and friendly service is here for you and your pup. We understand how important it is that our furry friends receive the best care when we’re not around. That’s why at Thumping Tails, we go above and beyond to make sure they are taken care of with love and respect.

We provide dog walking services in New York City but also offer additional pet sitting and grooming services as well. Whether you need a regular walker or an occasional sitter, we have staff available seven days a week throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx. All of our employees are bonded and insured so you can feel confident your pooch will be safe while in their care.

At Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service, we want to ensure your pup gets plenty of exercise and lots of attention during every outing. From long walks through Central Park to trips down to Battery Park’s waterfront trails – there’s something for everyone. Plus, all our packages come with weekly updates on how your pup did that day – giving you peace of mind no matter where life takes you.

Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service offers more than just a place for pups to roam: each visit comes complete with personalized activities tailored specifically for your four-legged family member(s). So whether they’re ready for playtime or nap time – we’ve got them covered! Now let’s explore the benefits of hiring us…

Benefits Of Hiring Thumping Tails For Dog Walking

Did you know that over 80% of households in the U.S. now own a pet? If you’re one of those individuals with a furry companion, then it’s important to make sure they are getting enough exercise and stimulation throughout their day so they can remain healthy and happy. This is where Thumping Tails Dog Walking Services comes in! Let me tell you all about the benefits of hiring us for your pup’s walking needs.

First off, we understand that your dog is part of your family, which is why our team provides personalized care tailored to each individual pooch. We take our time getting to know them and build up trust through lots of love and belly rubs! Additionally, when entrusting us with your four-legged pals, you can be certain they will receive plenty of physical activity and mental stimulation while out on walks.

Finally, safety always comes first at Thumping Tails – both yours as well as your fur baby’s security is paramount to us. All staff members have undergone extensive background checks before being allowed onto our team. Plus, GPS technology allows us to track their every step during the walk so that owners can rest easy knowing their pets are safe.

At Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service we believe that exercising regularly should be an enjoyable experience for both dogs and humans alike – let’s get started today! Now let’s talk about cost of services offered here in Purchase NY…

Cost Of Dog Walking Services In Purchase, Ny

Affordability is the key to unlocking a worry-free life, and for pet owners it’s essential when considering dog walking services. The cost of having someone else take your pup out for their daily walk can seem daunting, but luckily for Purchase NY residents there are plenty of options at Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service.

It’s like finding that golden ticket in a box of chocolates – or maybe more like discovering a diamond ring while digging in the garden. No matter how you look at it, getting quality service without breaking the bank is something we all dream about. That’s why I’m so excited to break down some of the costs associated with using Thumping Tail’s professional dog walking services here in Purchase NY.

The prices vary depending on frequency, time spent on walks, number of dogs walked together, etc., but one thing remains consistent: You get exactly what you pay for— top notch service from experienced handlers who know just how special our four-legged friends really are! And because we offer competitive rates across the board, you never have to sacrifice quality over quantity when it comes to caring for your beloved pooch. So go ahead and explore all the possibilities this amazing business has to offer; after all, being able to give your pup everything he needs doesn’t need to be an expensive endeavor!

Dog Walking Requirements And Guidelines

As we move further into the process of getting your pup walking services in Purchase, NY, let’s take a moment to discuss what the requirements and guidelines are. To make things easier to understand, here’s a list of four main points:

First, all dogs must be up-to-date on their vaccinations for rabies and other illnesses. Second, any dog that is aggressive or overly excitable may not be eligible for our service. Next, if your pup has specific behavioral issues then these will need to be discussed with us prior to beginning service. Finally, you should also provide us with an emergency contact number in case anything happens while we’re out with your pups.

These rules are in place for everyone’s safety including both the humans and canines involved! We love animals but it’s important that all parties feel safe during our walks together. Making sure there are no surprises is one way that we strive towards creating great experiences every time we go out.

We know how much pet owners care about their furry friends so this is why following guidelines helps keep fur babies safe — which makes our team happy too! Now let’s talk more about the different types of dog walking services offered…

Different Types Of Dog Walking Services Offered

Here’s what a customer had to say about us, “As someone who has owned and cared for dogs most of my life, I understand how important it is to find the right dog walking service. That’s why I was thrilled when I stumbled upon ‘Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service’ in New York—they offer a range of services that are sure to fit all kinds of canine needs.”

In this article, let’s take a look at the different types of dog walking services they provide. From basic outings to more specialized activities, there’s something here for every pup.

First off, there’s your standard group walks which involve taking up to four pooches on an hour-long stroll around town. This can be great if you have multiple pets or want them to get some socialization with other furry friends. On top of that, Thumping Tails also offers private walks where your pup will get one-on-one attention from their walker as well as individual potty breaks throughout the day.

For those extra energetic pups needing an even higher level of activity, Thumping Tails provides jogging sessions for active breeds like Labradors and Golden Retrievers who need to burn off energy before bedtime. And if your pup would rather just relax than run around? No problem! We also offer drop-in visits where your pet can hang out in the comfort of his own home while getting plenty of love and treats from the friendly staff at Thumping Tails!

So, whether it’s a simple afternoon outing or something more adventurous, ‘Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service’ has got you covered with our wide variety of options available in New York City. We’re sure you’ll find something perfect for your beloved pup!


It’s clear that Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service offers a great service for pet owners in Purchase, NY. Our experienced and knowledgeable dog walkers ensure that each pup is taken care of with the utmost attention and love, as if they were our own family pet. The cost of services is reasonable and there are different types of dog walking available to suit an individual’s needs.

What really sets us apart from other companies though is how passionate we are about providing quality care and companionship to dogs everywhere. We truly understand what it means to be part of a canine family, promoting responsible ownership by treating every pup like royalty – ‘the king or queen of the castle!’

If you’re looking for reliable, caring professionals to take your furry friend on exciting walks around town, then look no further than Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service. With our commitment to excellence and dedication to making sure all pets have fun while being well looked after, you can rest assured your four-legged companion will receive nothing but the best when hiring Thumping Tails for all dog walking needs.