Pet Traveling

Pet Traveling

With our pet traveling service, we ensure your pet’s safety and security when going to and from locations. Our taxi service provides transportation for your pets when they need to be somewhere—including doggy daycare, boarding, a grooming service, and even veterinarian appointments. Each pet taxi service includes pick up, drop off, and a private ride. We are insured and bonded.

You can relax knowing that with Thumping Tails, your pet will be in the hands of caring and experienced drivers. Let us provide the reliable transportation services your pet deserves. We offer pet traveling services in the New York area.

How it Works

You can customize your pet traveling service by adding additional pets, miles, and hours. This is how to get started with our service:

  • Meet & Greet – We schedule a meeting so you can get to know and introduce your driver to your pet
  • Setting Appointments – Let us know when and where you want us to pick up your pets, what time they need to arrive, and the destination
  • Post Travel – After the ride ends, you will receive updates, including notes, photos, GPS tracking, and a detailed write-up from your driver

We know the importance of communication so you can relax knowing your pets will safely get to their destination. See when the travel service begins and ends with our GPS tracker. You can stay up-to-date when you’re not with your pet!

Your Pet is Safe with Us

Our drivers provide excellent pet traveling services so you have peace of mind when you are unable to do the driving yourself. Thumping Tails has been providing pet traveling and other pet care services since 2018. If you’re out of town, busy at work, or over-scheduled, allow us to get your pets to their appointments without you. For many pet owners, Thumping Tails is the perfect solution to meeting your pets’ appointments. Rely on us to get your pets where they need to go!