Benefits of Pet Insurance

Benefits of Pet Insurance

We thought our clients would be interested in the benefits of pet insurance. For a reasonable amount each month you can ensure your pets are well protected if they incur an injury or experience an illness. Pet insurance covers routine care, prescriptions, preventive care, medical care, and serious medical conditions. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your pet can get the necessary treatment without worrying about the cost.

Veterinary medicine has become more technologically advanced, which is good news when it comes to treatments. However, the high costs associated with newer equipment, facilities, and training mean higher costs for care. Pet health insurance helps defray the high costs of treatment.

Know the Policy’s Terms

An insurance provider should be specific about what is included or excluded from coverage. Know if routine checkups are part of the policy, or if the coverage is just for emergency conditions or illnesses. The many benefits of pet insurance include:

  • Allows you to make the best choices when an emergency arises instead of choosing the least expensive option. For example, you could easily have an $8,000 vet bill because your dog needs cancer treatments. With a pet insurance policy, you could have most of the cost of the treatments covered
  • Most policies allow you to pick your vet, so you will be able to get care from the vet of your choosing
  • Allows you to budget the cost of the insurance because policies are typically paid monthly, quarterly, or annually
  • You can decide when in your pet’s life you want to get pet insurance. While you probably want to get insurance when your pet is young because premiums will be lower, you can also get insurance when they’re older

About Thumping Tails

We hope you have learned something about the benefits of pet insurance. Thumping Tails has been providing professional dog walking, pet sitting, and pet care services in select New York and Connecticut cities for over four years. We want to ensure you’re completely comfortable knowing your pet is in great hands. We treat your pet as a member of our family. We offer individualized care and offer various packages that are tailored to the needs of your pet—including extra cuddles. Your pets are a member of the Thumping Tails family!