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Are you a pet owner in West Harrison, NY who needs help with walking your dog? Then look no further than Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service! Studies have found that having a pet can reduce stress levels by up to 75%, so it’s important to make sure your furry friend gets the exercise they need. With Thumping Tails, you can rest assured knowing that their team of certified professionals will take great care of your pup while helping them stay active and healthy.

At Thumping Tails, we understand how much joy pets bring into our lives. That’s why we are devoted to providing personalized services tailored to meet each individual client’s needs. Our experienced walkers provide one-on-one attention during every visit, giving your beloved canine companion all the love and affection they deserve. We strive for excellence when it comes to customer service — whether it’s about creating custom walking schedules or making sure your four-legged family member is safe at all times — we guarantee satisfaction from start to finish.

So if you’re looking for an exceptional dog walking experience in West Harrison, NY then don’t hesitate to contact us at Thumping Tails! We promise quality care and reliable services that will leave both you and your pooch feeling happy and contented after every session.

About Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service

If you’re looking for the best dog walking service in West Harrison, NY – then look no further than Thumping Tails! We’re absolutely outstanding and truly a class apart. I’m sure that your pup would love to be taken out on their daily walks by our experienced professionals.

Firstly, let me tell you what makes Thumping Tails so special. Our team of expert walkers have years of experience when it comes to providing quality care for our fur friends. From our training methods, to the equipment we use – everything is tailored just for canine needs. Plus, all of their staff members understand how important safety is when dealing with any kind of animal – making us one of the most reliable dog walking service providers around!

On top of this, Thumping Tails offers personalized attention for each and every pet we work with. This means that each individual gets the right amount of exercise and stimulation needed according to their own specific needs. No matter if your pooch loves going on long strolls or prefers short bursts with lots of playtime – Thumping Tails will make sure they get exactly what they need.

The clear dedication shown by our amazing staff goes above and beyond expectations – offering worry-free peace of mind while your furry friend enjoys some much-deserved pampering and fun! Taking advantage of such professional services could mean a healthier life for your beloved companion – which should be reason enough to call up Thumping Tails today!

Benefits Of Professional Dog Walking Services

They say that a tired dog is a happy dog, and this couldn’t be more true! Professional dog walking services come with numerous benefits to both you and your furry companion. Whether it’s for part-time work or on an as-needed basis, the right service provider can make all the difference in your pup’s overall physical and emotional well being.

First off, dogs benefit from having consistent exercise every day. They need time away from home to explore their environment and engage in activities like running and playing outdoors. With the help of experienced professionals, owners can ensure their pooch gets the physical activity they need without compromising their own daily schedules. Plus, when you hire someone who specializes in canine care, you know your puppy will be getting quality attention at all times – no matter how busy life may get for you!

But there are also psychological advantages too: Proper socialization helps reduce anxiety in dogs and ensures they stay mentally stimulated throughout the day. The presence of a professional walker encourages positive behavior while discouraging negative habits such as excessive barking or destructive chewing due to pent up energy. Additionally, experts have extensive knowledge about safety protocols so pet parents don’t have to worry about any unnecessary risks being taken during walks or playtime outside.

With these benefits in mind, it’s clear that hiring a certified dog walking service is one of the best things owners can do for their four-legged friend. From providing much needed exercise to offering peace of mind regarding safety measures – what’s not to love? Moving forward, let’s take a look at some of the specific services we offer at Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service West Harrison NY…

Services Offered By Thumping Tails

Picture yourself strolling through the streets of West Harrison, NY with your beloved pup in tow. Or maybe you just got home from a long day at work and your furry friend gives you that look, begging for an adventure. That’s where Thumping Tails come in – they offer professional dog walking services to make sure your four-legged buddy gets their much-deserved exercise and love!

Thumping Tails has a wide range of services to accommodate different needs. From individual walks to group play dates, we have plenty of options available; not only do we provide quality care but also give pet owners peace of mind knowing their fur baby is safe and being taken care of by professionals. Plus, all our walkers are insured and bonded so there won’t be any surprises down the road. Whether it’s a short stroll around the block or something more adventurous like hiking trails in nearby parks, these experienced dog walkers will take great care of your pup while giving them some fun along the way!

At Thumping Tails, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We understand how important it is for pet parents to ensure that every outing is tailored exactly to a pup’s needs which makes us stand out from other similar services in West Harrison, NY. Our team truly goes above and beyond when taking care of people’s pets – making sure each visit exceeds expectations both physically and emotionally – creating lasting memories for everyone involved. Now that we know what Thumping Tails offers let us explore why choosing this service could be beneficial for pet owners living in West Harrison…

Reasons To Choose Thumping Tails In West Harrison Ny

So you’re thinking about using Thumping Tails in West Harrison, NY for your pet walking needs? You’ve come to the right place! Let me walk you through some of the top reasons why this is the best choice for you and your furry friends.

First off, Thumping Tails offers reliable and experienced dog walking services that are tailored to fit each individual pup’s personality and needs. We offer a wide range of options so that we can provide personalized care for every single pup:

  • Scheduled walks on any day of the week
  • Flexible scheduling – same-day service available when needed
  • Specialized routes based on your pup’s preferences
  • Experienced personnel who understand different breeds’ needs

Not only do we have all these great features, but our staff also go above and beyond to make sure your pet feels loved and taken care of. We will always keep an eye out for anything unusual or concerning during walks with your beloved pooch. Plus, our team genuinely loves animals and will never miss an opportunity to give them extra hugs or belly rubs! This level of commitment ensures that our pups get the best care possible while we’re away.

And if those weren’t enough reasons already, Thumping Tails is committed to providing excellent customer service. If there’s ever something you need help with or questions you want answered, we’re more than happy to assist in any way we are able to. So rest assured knowing that not only do we love taking care of pets, but we also prioritize making clients feel as comfortable as possible throughout their experience with us.

Now that you know why Thumping Tails is such a great option for pet walking services in West Harrison, NY – let’s talk about how easy it is to get started!

How To Get Started With Thumping Tails

Starting a new venture with your beloved dog can be like taking a stroll through the park – exciting, invigorating and fun. Thumping Tails in West Harrison NY offers four-legged friends an opportunity to explore the great outdoors while getting some much-needed exercise! Here are five steps to get you started:

  1. Schedule a Meet & Greet: Get acquainted with one of our experienced walkers who will assess your pup’s needs.
  2. Complete Paperwork: We’ll provide everything necessary for you to fill out so we have all pertinent information on file.
  3. Choose Services: Select from individual walks or small group hikes depending upon what best suits your pup’s lifestyle.
  4. Set Up Walks: Create a schedule that works for both you and your furry friend for regular outings throughout the week.
  5. Enjoy Life Together: With Thumping Tails as part of your family routine, it will revolutionize how you experience life together with joy, adventure and love!

Our team of professionals bring knowledge about canine behavior combined with lots of enthusiasm to each outing which guarantees maximum fulfillment for both pet and owner alike! Our mission is to ensure that everyone has safe, enjoyable experiences during every walk, no matter their size or breed type. So don’t delay; join us today at Thumping Tails in West Harrison NY where ‘man’s best friend’ becomes an even better companion!


Running a pet business takes dedication, patience and love. Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service in West Harrison NY is no exception. Our team at Thumping Tail provides an invaluable service to the community by helping people care for their furry friends with professional dog walking services. Not only do we make sure that your pup gets plenty of exercise but also offer other essential services like potty breaks and feeding so you can rest easy knowing that your pup’s needs are taken care of while you’re away from home.

At Thumping Tails, we offer reasonable rates and give customers peace of mind when it comes to trusting someone else to take care of their beloved four-legged family members. With Thumping Tails, you get the best bang for your buck as far as professional dog walking goes. We don’t cut any corners or skimp on quality – just reliable, trustworthy service every time! At the end of the day, contracting a professional dog walking service should be seen not just as a convenience but more importantly as an act of kindness towards our canine companions who deserve nothing less than the best care, we can give them. Like everything in life though, there is no one size fits all solution; however if Thumping Tails Dog Walking Service sounds like something you think would benefit both yourself and your pup then why not ‘take the plunge’ today?